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What’s New at Danger UK

Danger UK now offers you: MX graphics that are easier to fit.

Fitting these new graphics, fist off peel back most of the backing sheet or sometimes all of the backing sheet, then align and apply the largest flattest area first. Now gradually rub the baggy area’s out to the edges, most of the material we work it’s way out until applied. But if in some area’s it creates some ripples as you get to the edge, then apply a little heat, using a heat gun, now smooth out the pockets of air. Once all is fitted go around the edges of the graphics, giving them a nice warm this will soften the glues and allow them to settle and grab as they cool. Now ideally allow the graphics to settle overnight and fully grab to the plastics, then you are ready to ride.

Check out our race ready MX bike kits HERE

We supply High Gloss, Matt, Chrome, Iridescent, and a worlds first ”Gripper Graphics” materials. Don’t forget our matching MX seat Covers.


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