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Small & Electric Bikes RETAIL (inc VAT) RETAIL (exc VAT)
PW50 £72.00 £60.00
Revvi £49.20 £41.00
Amped £44.40 £37.00
KTM GASGAS Husky E-E2 Bikes £69.99
50ccRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Full Kit (No Swing Arms)£84.99£70.83
Full Kit (With Swing Arms)£89.99£74.99
Backgrounds (plain)£22.99£19.16
Backgrounds (name & number)£35.99£29.99
Front Fender£12.99£10.83
Rear Fender£12.99£10.83
Upper Forks£8.99£7.49
Lower Forks£8.99£7.49
Radiator Shrouds or Tank£19.99£16.66
RAD + Tank£24.99£20.83
Swing Arm£8.99£7.49
65ccRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Full Kit (No Swing Arms)£99.99£83.33
Full Kit (With Swing Arms)£109.99£91.66
Backgrounds (plain)£31.99£26.66
Backgrounds (name & number)£44.99£37.49
Front Fender£18.99£15.83
Rear Fender£18.99£15.83
Upper Forks£13.99£11.66
Lower Forks£13.99£11.66
Radiator Shrouds or Tank£31.99£26.66
RAD + Tank£36.99£30.83
Swing Arm£13.99£11.66
 125cc+RETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Full Kit (No Swing Arms)£154.99£129.16
Full Kit (With Swing Arms)£164.99£137.49
Backgrounds (plain)£31.99£26.66
Backgrounds (name & number)£44.99£37.49
Front Fender£25.99£21.66
Rear Fender£25.99£21.66
Upper Forks£18.99£15.83
Lower Forks£18.99£15.83
Radiator Shrouds or Tank£35.99£29.99
RAD + Tank£40.99£34.16
Swing Arm£17.99£14.99
 125cc+ MX Graphics RETAIL (inc VAT) RETAIL (exc VAT)
MX Full Kit (No Swing Arms) £152.99 £127.49
MX Full Kit (With Swing Arms) £162.99 £135.83
MX Backgrounds (plain) £30.99 £25.83
MX Backgrounds (name & number) £43.99 £36.66
Airbox £17.99 £14.99
Front Fender £24.99 £20.83
Rear Fender £24.99 £20.83
Upper Forks £17.99 £14.99
Lower Forks £17.99 £14.99
Radiator Shrouds or Tank £34.99 £29.16
RAD + Tank £39.99 £33.33
Swing Arm £16.99 £14.16
Full kits:  
Oset MX10£112.99£94.16
Oset 11£60.00£50.00
Oset 12.5 £73.19£60.99
Oset 16£60.00£50.00
Oset 20r£83.32£69.43
Oset 24.0£110.49£92.08
BETA 80£71.99£59.99
FTN 50£59.99£49.99
FTN 50 XL£81.99£68.33
MX Plastics£120.00£100.00
Fitting Charge£25.00£20.84
Seat CoversRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
50cc + Surron/Talaria  (Flat Fish)£34.99£29.16
50cc + Surron/Talaria  (3pc)£49.99£41.66
Flat Fish (No Extras)£39.99£33.33
Flat Fish (Sub-Surface)£54.99£45.83
3 piece ribs£59.99£49.99
Seat – No cover to remove£19.99£16.66
Seat – Remove old cover£30.00£25.00
Quad Seat CoversRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
NO RIBS Seat Cover (2 colours) NO Logos£59.99£49.99
Ribbed Seat Cover  
Ribbbed seat cover fully custom£79.99£66.66
Dura Grip 1 Piece Seat Cover  
Fully Custom£69.99£58.33
Seat – No cover to remove£25.00£20.84
Seat – Remove old cover£35.00£29.17
Race ClothingRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Shirt (youth) (1)£36.99 
Shirt (youth) (10+)£31.99 
Shirt (adult) (1)£46.99£39.16
Shirt (adult) (10+)£41.99£34.99
Jeans (youth) (1)£44.99 
Jeans (youth) (10+)£39.99 
Jeans (adult) (1)£57.60£48.00
Jeans (adult) (10+)£52.60£43.84
Shirt Printing (flock)RETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Supply Name & Number Only£16.99£14.16
Plus 1 Logo£25.99£21.66
Plus 2 Logos£27.99£23.33
Plus 3 Logos£30.99£25.83
Plus 4 Logos£33.99£28.33
Plus 5 Logos£36.99£30.83
More Than 5 Logos£42.99£35.83
GlovesRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Gloves (1)£14.99 
Gloves 3 pairs (10+)£11.99 
Vest / Bibs RETAIL (inc VAT) RETAIL (exc VAT)
Shirt (adult) (1) £29.99 £30.83
Shirt (adult) (10+) £24.99 £24.99
Clothing (plain)RETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Plain Race Shirt (youth)£11.76£9.80
Plain Race Shirt (adult)£15.01£12.51
Plain Race Jeans (youth)£37.41£31.18
Plain Race Jeans (adult)£44.89£37.41
Bike MatsRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
1600mm x 750mm (Danger UK Design)£49.99£41.66
1600mm x 750mm£74.00£61.66
1600mm x 950mm£86.00£71.66
2000mm x 750mm£86.00£71.66
AccessoriesRETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
A Board (Ally Board)£89.99£74.99
a Board (Foam Board)£79.99£66.66
Bar Pad£19.99£16.66
Bike Stand graphics£26.99£22.49
Body Armour£20.70£17.25
Butt Patch£14.99£12.49
Directors Chair (Back & Arms)£64.99£54.16
Directors Chair (Seat, Back & Arms)£69.99£58.33
Donuts (1 pair)£9.99£8.33
Banner (3x1m)£84.99£70.83
Feather Flag (2.2m)£59.99£49.99
Feather Flag & Pole (2.2m)£79.99£66.66
Goggle Straps£19.99£16.66
Hub Stickers (10)£14.99£12.49
Exhaust Sticker£15.99£13.33
Neck Brace£29.99£24.99
Pit Board£39.99£33.33
Rim Graphics£18.99£15.83
Frame Tape (Clear) A3£13.00£10.83
Frame Tape (Colour) A3£17.00£14.17
Frame Tape (Textured) A3£23.00 
Gazebo Canopy£250.00£14.17
Gazebo Banner£69.00 
SurRon Talaria (electric bike)RETAIL (inc VAT)RETAIL (exc VAT)
Full Graphics Kit£132.50£110.50
Front Fender Graphics£16.99£14.16
Rear Fender Graphics£16.99£14.16
Lower Forks Graphics£11.99£9.99
Mud Flap£25.99£21.66
Swing Arm Graphics£21.99£18.33
Shock Sock Velcro fit Cloth£19.99 
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