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Fitting MX graphics Kits 10 years ago

Here we are over 10 years ago
Ten years ago, fitting MX graphics kits involved a meticulous process that required attention to detail and precision. It was a time when enthusiasts and riders would spend hours meticulously aligning and placing each decal on their motocross bikes. With a keen eye for aesthetics, they would ensure the graphics matched the contours of the bike’s body perfectly. Patience was key, as the application required careful peeling and smoothing to avoid any air bubbles or wrinkles. Every corner and curve demanded careful consideration to achieve a seamless, professional look. The process, although time-consuming, was a labor of love for those passionate about personalizing their MX machines with vibrant and eye-catching graphics.
Using at hot air gun at the end of the process is key to a great finish, with maximum adhesion.

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